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Slow Cooker Cocktails from Townshend's Distillery

We made some delicious slow cooker cocktails for the holiday season! - Ray

  • Each drink is less than 5 ingredients 

  • Nothing requires previous preparation before assembly

  • each cocktail requires 1 full bottle of bluebird - LInk

  • each cocktail recipe can serve up to 14-21 servings

Cocktail #1 - Salted Cider Timberline Cider

Notes: This is the simplest and possibly the most immediately rewarding slow cooker cocktail out there. Four key ingredients work wonders together to make a refreshing cozy sipper. This also helps you take full advantage of our farmer's cider season. The addition of salt is a classic secret weapon in batched cocktails- allowing the other ingredients to taste "brighter", similar to how sugar works with savory dishes. 

Serving Size: 8 oz servings: 14 people

2 liters honey crisp cider 

750 ml of Bluebird Alpine Liqueur

300 ml of lemon juice

250 mls of water 

Peels of 2 lemons

3 small pinches of salt

1. bring the cider to a simmer in a crock-pot

2. add the lemon juice and water

3. Add Bluebird Alpine Liqueur

4. add lemon and salt to taste (use caution with the salt my friend- you shouldn't taste "salty", all the other ingredients should just "sharpen")

Serve with 2 dashes of angostura bitters and a cinnamon stick or a clove studded lemon wheel

Cocktail #2- Batched Hot Toddy Toddy Rundgren

Notes: This is a wonderfully balanced hot toddy recipe to enjoy after a large meal with friends and family, or a welcoming cocktail to serve when they arrive to set the tone of your gathering. With no fuss to prepare, this slow cooker cocktail will help you focus on other details, drink are covered. The mint and chamomile help to calm and relax while the bright ginger and maple notes of the Bluebird Alpine Liqueur keep it seasonal tasting without dipping into pumpkin spice territory, which is lovely but should often be administered with restraint. <3

Serving size: 8 oz servings: 14 people

2.5 L of water

5 tablespoons of peppermint tea + 3 heaping tablespoons of chamomile*

750 ml of Bluebird Alpine Liqueur

250 ml of honey

150 ml of lemon juice *stainless steel infusers might be preferred here but otherwise you can bundle the herbs into cheesecloth and tie them up and let them sit in the simmering water. 

1. Bring water to a near boil then turn the heat to low

2. Add all nonalcoholic ingredients while the water cools a little 

2.5. Be sure to dissolve all the honey into the solution 

3. Add Bluebird Alpine Liqueur

4. If necessary- sweeten further to taste.

Cocktail #3- Mulled Wine

Alpine Gluhwien

Notes: This recipe is designed to be both warming and a little lighter than most mulled wine recipes. It's not super sweet and more has the social festive flavors of a warmed sangria-con-autumnal spices. It won't dominate over snacks or leave a heavy feeling on your palate. 

Serving Size: 5 oz Servings: 21 people 1.5 L (two bottles) of red wine- we used Shiraz

750 ml of Bluebird Alpine Liqueur

Peels and juice from 1 orange

150 ml of honey

750 ml of cream sherry

Lovely this time of year!

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