All products are grown, raised, produced or collected in Oregon or Washington. Some of our vendors have Websites, Facebook and/or Instagram. They are linked here if possible.

Farmers: Duck & Chicken Eggs, Chicken Meat, Veggies, Fruit, Flora, Plant Starts 

A & B Farms – Fresh picked the morning of the market: Raspberries, Blueberries & Strawberries  June – Sept. Silver berries June – July. Marion berries July – August. Blackberries July – Back to school, so not attending in Sept.

Blackberry Bog Farm – Sustainably grown fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers, duck & chicken eggs, chicken meat, plant starts, mums, bouqets. Attending through the end of Sept.

Veggie Girls Produce Co./Glory B Farms – (Starting July 5th) Certified organic salad greens, kales, chard, collards, leeks, potatoes, winter squash, summer squash, strawberries, herbs, beets, carrots, green onion, garlic, cukes, pickling cukes. Not attending in Sept.

J & J Farms – Fresh picked produce and floral bouquets. Not attending in Sept

Sunset Lake Farm – Strawberry baskets & potatoes – attending through the end of Sept


SeMe Family Foods – Baked Breads plus Jam, Jelly and Sauces all small batch made in our commercial kitchen in Longview Washington. Everything we produce is made to strict food safety standards and with lots of love. Our Products below are broken down into categories for easy shopping. Spicy, Sweet, Savory, Sugar Free and what our kids have come to call our “Adult” flavors. Those are the ones we use a little libations in to add some extra flavor. Don’t worry any alcohol cooks off so you can still use it on your morning toast. 


T Bee S Honey– LOCAL RAW HONEY! We sell Raw Honey…Pollen…..Propolis….Royal Jelly ..and Bees Wax!


Scamokawa Farmstead Creamery – Consists of over a 100 goats with 60+ Baby kid goats (that number increases constantly), alpacas, horses, cows, macaw birds, dogs and whatever else finds it’s way to our farm for healthy and peaceful life. Our cheese makers & goat herders are extremely diverse and professionally qualified in their expertise categories. We produce a variety of artisan chesses as well as amazing Cajeta, Mexican goat milk caramel sauce.

Food Booths/Trucks

Sea Star Gelato – A small selection from their locally owned shop featuring Classic Italian varieties to beach inspired creations and several dairy free sorbetto options

Roll & Bowl  – Food truck specializing in local fresh inspired foods. We will span the globe from Mexico to Japan all depending on what our farmers have to sell!

Artisan Crafted

Becky Sue Creations – Polymer Clay buttons, seam rippers, hair clips, salt and pepper shakers and various other products.

Brevin’s Fudge – (Returning Aug 30th – the Sept 27th) Our fudge is “simply the best”. We have over 40 flavors and each bar is 7 oz and is individually wrapped. The flavors range from the decadent Butter Cream to a good old fashioned Root Beer Float. If you want spice, we have them from the mild Cayenne Pepper to the extreme – the Carolina Reaper. If you want to go to the dark side, we do that do – all the way up to 100% cacao.

Celia’s Vinegars – Barrel Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Vinaigrettes, Marinades and Dressings.

Columbia River Candies – A home business offering toffee of several varieties from Classic Milk Chocolate Almond to the best-seller, Dark Hazelnut Mocha Toffee to the newest flavor, Raspberry Almond Mocha Toffee.

Crannies – Crannies(R) plus Crannies blends, Trail Mixes, Sauces and Baking Goods.  1-800-CRANBERRY 272-6237 to order.

Esotico Pasta – Esotico is dedicated to providing healthy, flavorful ingredients. As often as possible ingredients will come from local farmers or our own garden, grown without harmful insecticides or chemicals.

Hot Hats – () Crocheted hats, quail eggs, chicken eggs, handmade bags that you heat or warm for pain. Intermittently at the market. Done for the season.

Nutoriously Nutz – We roast and sell nuts as a delicious and healthy snack. Nuts are roasted with no oils, and are gluten free and vegan.

Ziggy Pop – A various variety of fresh popped kettle corn

Artisan Crafted – Non Food

Dave’s Woodknot Boxes & More – Beautiful boxes for jewelry and other things & bee homes

Flannel Johns Cookbooks – (Aug 16th)

Grace Darling – Beachy home accessories

Grater Good – Handcrafted pottery graters for cheese, chocolate, garlic, onions, veggies and anything you would want to grate.

Homestead – Photography, purses, wallets, tiles.

Ohmdala – Tarot readings by Ricardo – Tie dye, crocheted apparel, wood burned crafts, salves, teas & tinctures, hats.

Organic Necessity – Organic Necessity™ (O.N.) is a company founded by a single mom and her daughter for the purpose of learning and teaching entrepreneurship and spending time together; the primary objective to make a difference in the world. The intention of Organic Necessity is to bring chemical free and non-toxic products to market; ultimately helping families detoxify their lives and lower their individual and collective carbon footprint. Our secondary objective is to reintroduce manufacturing to the U.S., bringing jobs to the economically disadvantaged and survivors of sex trafficking and domestic abuse. Organic Necessity believes in the power of a circular economy and it is our mission to lead by example through changing our daily habits and through active participation in our local communities. We are a butterfly.

Lotus Petaler Designs – All Occasion cards printed from my original watercolor paintings.

Nature’s Wonders – Beautifully polished stone and crystal jewelry

NW Therapeutics – We began our quest in 1998. Judith Caporiccio, then an aspiring herbal pharmacist and seasoned bio – chemist, was searching for an effective chemical free treatment for her daughter Kat’s extreme case of eczema. After consulting several dermatologists, endless prescriptions that burned and thinned her skin, and discouraged by the thought of spending her life dependent on steroids, Judith went to work and created what is now our Res-Q-Derm. Today Dr. Judith Caporiccio is a naturopathic physician with a thriving practice in Tri – Cities Washington. Kat is now the CEO of the company headquartered in Vancouver Washington and shares the sensational full line of body products through the web, farmer’s markets, craft shows, retailers, and medical professionals.

Red Clothespin – (back July 5th) Sewn goods – Un-paper towels, egg gathering aprons, headbands, backpack bags. All hand-crafted in the Northwest.

Ronni Harris – Paintings of local areas and pets. Attending through Sept 6th.

Sea Shells Embroidery – (Part-time) Hand embroidered linens. Attended through August

Sunset Beach Products – Artisan Natural Soaps, Shea Butter Lotions & Balms, Body Scents, Lip Balms, Healing Lotions, Essential Oils, Carrier oils, Fragrances, ARNICA PRODUCTS, Natural Pain Relief Lotion, Capsicum and &
Ginger Arnica Lotion, Unscented Arnica Lotion, Bam Bam Balm,
Comfrey Root, Comfrey Products.

Wheelhouse Soaps – Make the most of your soak time with our fizzing bath bombs, solid bubble bath cakes and handcrafted soap, beauty products, hand poured wax and warmer melts.

Art & Jewelry 

Glass Gargoyles – Handcrafted Art Glass: Wine Racks, plates, platters, coasters, bowls jewelry, keychains, decorative pieces, commerative pieces, invitations, custom orders, etc. I use a kiln to make the Fused Glass used in my products. I utilize many techniques such as sand carving and enameling and gilding in my work.

Heavy Stone Jewelry – The gemstone beads and pendants she works with are carefully selected for unique colors and superb quality. Becky believes jewelry is an expression of our individuality. Each piece that she designs is meant for one special person. When this person connects with her one-of-kind jewelry, it was meant to be.

One Big Tree Designs – Lampwork Glass Beaded Gifts And Jewelry By Cindy Ryder

Local Service

Graceful Waves Chiropractic– (Attending: Sept 20th) Our care helps provide and amplify inner cohesiveness, flexibility of the spine/nervous systems and structures of the body, expanded resources & available choices, increased perception of harmony, trust in one’s inherent wisdom, experience of wholeness, sense of innerconnectedness, compassion, and freedom.

Wine & Spirits

Bhudda Kat Winery – Varietal and fruit wines from the bountiful grapes and fruit of the Columbia and Willamette Valley, Columbia Gorge, and surrounding orchards. Tasting Room in downtown Seaside

Naked Winery – Tasting Room in downtown Seaside

Nehalem Bay Winery – Fine Varietal & Fruit Wines – The 6th oldest winery in Oregon. We have been having fun since 1974. Tasting Room in Nehalem Bay, Oregon

Thomas & Sons Distillery – (part time) The distilled spirits project from Townshend’s Tea Company – part time

Community Information Booths 

Clastsop Casa Program – Clatsop CASA recruits, trains and supports volunteers who advocate for children in foster care. Future dates TBA

Coast Community Radio – We are the only non-commercial, local public radio stations serving the coastal areas of southwest Washington and northwest Oregon. – Future dates TBA

Costco – Warrenton – Aug 9th – future dates TBA

Seaside Historical Museum – Butterfield Cottage – a sampling of the exhibits from Seaside’s history. – Future dates TBA

More coming soon…


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