…and We’re Off and Running!

There was a great deal of work done in the off season leading up to our new location for the market. It required many to focus and keep looking towards the end goal- the market to have greater visibility and accessibility for all. With everyone working together we managed to secure a new location that met our goals!

Now that we have just finished our first market at the new location we, along with vendors and patrons as well as volunteers, feel that we have hit a grand slam! The first market was a huge success- we couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was perfect! Our volunteers helping throughout the day were incredible, we couldn’t have pulled it off without them! The vendors were amazing with all of their wonderful products! I cannot say enough good things about our vendors, but we wouldn’t have the vendors here if it weren’t for the awesome patrons, all 700+ plus of you who attended or first market.  We are overjoyed that it turned out as well as it did, and want you to all continue to come back and see what our vendors have to offer throughout the season as different things become available- that way too you can check out the new vendors who will soon be making their way to our market!

Without any one piece to this puzzle the market would not happen and we want to thank you and let you know how much we truly appreciate all that you have to bring to the market whatever your duties are- and just keep it coming!

Can’t wait to see you all next Wednesday from 3-7 PM at the Broadway Middle School parking lot.

Here are just a few pictures from the first market!